The summer in The Hague is all about ice creams, swimming in the sea and terraces! And hopefully sun too… Whether that is the case, says Meteorologist Jaco van Wezel of WeerOnline.

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If the expectations of Jaco and his colleagues come true, we will have a great summer in The Hague. Jaco: “We can often achieve a temperature of 25 degrees or more, but tropically warm it won’t be often.”

Summer in The Hague and Scheveningen

Have you just finished your balcony or garden? dressed in flowers? Then you probably don’t have to spray every day. Jaco: “We regularly receive humid air from the Mediterranean region towards the Netherlands. This causes occasional rain and thunderstorms. I expect normal amounts of precipitation, so we are cautiously preparing for a warm summer with occasional showers.”

Jaco indicates that the weather forecast for an entire season is quite difficult to predict. “An important caveat to this expectation is that the reliability of seasonal models is limited. Monthly and seasonal forecasts come such percent of the time. For comparison, the forecast for 5 days ahead comes in 60 off percent of the time.”

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    Photo: The Hague & Partners/Jurjen Drenth

Enjoying the summer in The Hague

So for the time being, the predictions are very rosy! And that’s a good thing, because there is a lot to do this summer in The Hague and Scheveningen. Take a look at this overview of events in and around The Hague:

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