You probably haven’t missed it: everyone is talking about sky-high parking fees in Scheveningen. But is that right? Well, not quite! This is how the new municipal policy works and where you can currently park the cheapest during your day in Scheveningen.

Municipal policy

A day at Scheveningen: who wants not now? Enjoy the sun on your head with your toes in the sand. Delicious! Many people therefore take the car if they want to go to the beach. They try to park as close to the beach as possible, but that is not so nice for local residents. The surrounding streets are therefore much too busy and residents often cannot park their own car.

That is why the parking policy of the municipality is aimed at allowing visitors to park in the parking garages. They are of course still happy to accommodate people who come to Scheveningen for a day, but would rather you no longer leave your car where residents are inconvenienced. That is why parking on the street has been increased to 6.50 per hour on 1 January and you can often only stay for a few hours. In parking garages it is a lot cheaper.

Maximum euros per day

But why actually park on the street if there are also parking garages in the area? APCOA Parking alone has three parking garages with more than enough capacity in the area. With 4000 parking spaces, it is almost always possible to get a spot there. Do you choose the APCOA Parking Strand? Then you immediately have the cheapest parking garage and you never pay more than euros per day. You pay 3.50 euros per hour at quiet times and a maximum of 3.50 euros when it is busy. And you are also within two minutes on the beach and the boulevard, without endless traffic jams and driving around looking for a place.

Other transport

Parking garage Strand is therefore your best option if you want to keep it cheap but still want to come by car. You can also leave your car at The Hague Central Station and go the last bit by public transport. Or take the train anyway. Enough options!

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