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In the Netherlands last year there were a total of 35 .228 taxis active, 478 less than in 2021. In that year there were still 35.852 taxis operating. This is evident from updated figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The province of North Holland, where a total of 8.447 taxis are active, takes the cake.

North Holland owes this to a large extent to the municipality of Amsterdam. There are a total of 3 478 taxis driving around. In the municipalities of Amstelveen, Haarlemmermeer, Zaanstad and Aalsmeer, travelers have access to 1.313 taxis. The number of taxis in the other North Holland municipalities is 3.447.

The province of North Holland is followed by South Holland. There were a total of 5.228 taxis active there last year, of which 1.228 driving around in the municipality of Rotterdam. With 3.19 active taxis, the province occupies third place in the ranking.

The province of Zeeland dangles with 228 active taxis at the very bottom of the ranking. Nieuwegein and Zeist dangle at the bottom of the ranking in terms of municipalities. There are only 35 taxis driving around there.

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