Trevvel and Willemsende Koning will be responsible from August for the implementation of the regional taxi in the municipalities of Maassluis, Vlaardingen and Schiedam (MVS). The latter reports this on its own website. Both transport companies are thus taking over from Noot Passenger Transport, which is currently still responsible for regional taxi transport.

Noot Passenger Transport still has a contract with Rogplus (executor of the Wmo transport in the MVS municipalities), which expires on 1 July. After that, transport companies Trevvel and Willemsende Koning will take over. Another transport company, Munckhof, will be responsible for route planning. “We are happy with the assignment and look forward to a positive collaboration with Rogplus and the municipalities,” says Tom Roefs, director of Munckhof. “With our many years of experience, we are happy to provide regional taxi travelers with a good service.”

The MVS municipalities have determined with Rogplus what the new journey planner and carriers must comply with. According to them, Munckhof, Trevvel and Willemsende Koning best meet the conditions set for quality, sustainability and costs.

Transport tips In addition to planning the journeys, Munckhof also acts as a fixed point of contact for the traveler. For example, the passenger transporter provides transport tips to travelers who can still use other types of transport, such as Argos Mobile, a mobility scooter or public transport. “With transport tips, we want to make regional taxi travelers more aware of all the options, so that they experience more freedom of choice. And having to take less account of regional taxi planning,” says Rogplus director Anton van Genabeek. “Munckhof literally and figuratively helps them on their way.”

Travelers ultimately decide for themselves how they want to travel. Munckhof helps them choose a route and means of transport. “It may be that a traveler wants to travel part of the way there by scooter and part by public transport,” says the municipality of Schiedam. “For the way back, the traveler may prefer to travel by regional taxi. We think it is important that travelers with a physical disability retain their sense of freedom as much as possible, and be able to get from A to B independently.”

According to the municipality of Schiedam, current regional taxi travelers do not have to travel again. apply to Rogplus. Both Munckhof and Rogplus will inform travelers this and next month by letter about all changes.

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