In the Netherlands, pension is an employment condition. This means that if you work for a boss, you often accrue pension automatically. You can see how much that is on your payslip. But how much you have accrued in total and what influences your pension is often still abstract. helps with that.

is a website that you can away helps you check your pension. They offer information and tools to keep a grip on your pension, such as podcasts and pension checklists. Did you know that your employer also contributes to your pension? On average, your employer pays 2/3 and you 1/3. Your pension fund invests this money so that it becomes more. And they do it well: on average you get back two to three times more pension than you have invested together with your employer. Good to check your pension now! These are three important reasons to regularly check your pension.

#1 The sooner the better

On average, you work one day a week before you retire if you have a full-time job. So that’s about twenty percent of your time. A lot! When you talk about pension, you also talk about a lot of money: average 200.000 euros per person. That is why it is good to ask if you are building up a pension when you work for a boss. Early retirement pays off: the earlier you start, the more time your money has to grow and you will therefore receive more later.

#2 Changes in your life influences your pension

The choices you make in your life influence the amount of your pension. That is why it is important to check what a change in your life means for your pension. Are you going to work for the first time, do you have a new job, are you going to live together, are you having a child, are you going to work less or are you buying a house? Then check what this means for your pension. At you will find explanations and handy checklists that will help you on your way to more personal information.

#3 Is it enough

If you check your pension with changes in your life, you will know you where you stand later and what you can expect. Through expectation management you have and keep control. Are you building up pension? If yes, is it enough? Does it suit the life you want to lead when you stop working or do you need more? First check how much pension you have already accrued on


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Extra tips about retirement

Would you like to know more about how pensions are arranged in the Netherlands, what pension funds actually do and what exactly you should pay attention to when checking your pension? On you will find podcasts and animated videos with explanations and handy checklists to help you on your way. You can also always contact your pension fund. They are happy to help you!


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