At the Frederikstraat 30, where Brasserie Huisman was located until a few years ago, it now smells (and tastes) like a completely new cuisine: the Afghan.

Chefs and owners Ferogh Sidiqui and Rafiullah Ahmadi of the new Afghan restaurant Sarban propose to serve an ‘introductory menu’.

We start with mantu (a steamed pad of dough with seasoned minced meat), kofte tokhm (vegetarian burgers), qorme morg (chicken thigh) and afghan bread to mop up any leftover sauce.

With this menu we got different dishes as main course including qabell palauw. This rice dish has carrot, raisins, almond, pistachio as a topping with lamb hidden underneath. It is served with stewed red lentils, spinach and meatballs.

The panjshir dish with green rice (through the spinach), chicken chop and eggplant was also served.

After we had eaten our tummy, there was still a dessert. Ice cream made from pomegranate and pistachio, a small pudding and dried fruit. We drank a homemade Afghan liqueur.

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Apple Eitje (Vruchtenbuurt)

Vegan friendly restaurant Appeltje Eitje opened at the end of last year on the corner of the Vlierboomstraat

Breakfast can be done at Appeltje Eitje van 8.30 hours to 11.00 o’clock. Throughout the day, the kitchen serves the tastiest classics, including club sandwiches, meal salads, fries and toasted sandwiches.

We have made a choice and order a warm croissant with cheese and a sandwich with cheese. Both are 4 euros. Finally, we order the quesadilla with fried chicken (9,50 euros) to take away.

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