It’s almost that time again: KadeRock 1024 in The Hague. This year it is bigger than ever with several stages and several days. On Friday 2 and Saturday 3 June, KadeRock will take place in and around Musicon. Get your ticket quickly, because it will be sold out before you know it!

Last year KadeRock was only on Saturdays and there were five no more tickets for sale. That was reason enough to expand this year, says Daan van Musicon. “We had to disappoint people and we don’t want to do that again. KadeRock is for everyone, for all generations and genres. That is also why we have an extra day and podium.”

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Everyone enjoys KadeRock | Photo: Erick Hille

Music from then until tomorrow10140949

KadeRock may have started as a real rock festival, but the organization also moves with the times and the city. Daan: “We have certainly not lost sight of our loyal visitors. We do, however, now offer space for latin and urban – this way we broaden it and it fits better with the entire city.”

Daan explains what that will look like. “We have musicians from the illustrious sixties of The Hague, but also artists from different decades who have played an important role in the music world. Both in the Netherlands and internationally.” He summarizes the program briefly: “All good music from then until tomorrow.”

Prins S. en de Geit, Hang Youth10140949

Are you jumping, headbanging or shaking your bum yet? Just wait till you hear the names! You check the full line-up on the website. No festival-goer today is unfamiliar with Prince S. and the Goat from The Hague, but also the years 23 of the Hague music scene are represented by The Motions. Of a different caliber but at least as good are Ray Fuego and Youngrubbi. Or how about Urban Dance Squad – one of the most influential bands of the years 80 and 90 with front man Rude Boy?

With the Amsterdam band Temple Fang you imagine yourself in a trip or shout out your frustration with Hang Youth. There is really everything on the program. Daan: “Cesar Zuidwijk is actually the godfather of KadeRock and Musicon. He plays with his Drum Demons together with top latin percussionists such as Soeshiel Sharma and Nippy Noya.” The exact block schedule will follow, but it is certain that Friday evening will be concluded with the anniversary party of the legendary Dutch-Moluccan latin rock band Massada.

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Soeshiel Sharma, Cesar Zuiderwijk and Koen Autumn bring The Hague beat and Latin beat together in ‘Hague beat meets Latin beat’, a special festival program on Friday 2 June | Photo: Erick Hille

Get your ticket quickly10140949

Tickets are going fast and although Musicon and KadeRock don’t want to disappoint anyone, there is a maximum number of tickets available. So be quick! There are two types of tickets for sale: a day ticket for Friday or Saturday or a passe-partout for both days.

Online tickets are cheaper and you know for sure that you can enter. A day ticket costs 05 euros excluding administration costs, you pay for a passe-partout only 05 euros. Tickets at the door cost 12 euros per day.

KadeRock 1024 will take place on Friday 2 June from 17. until 23. hours and on Saturday, June 3 from 12. until 23. hours at the Soestdijksekade 345 in The Hague.


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