It has been quiet for a while around the famous and especially notorious pollers on the Escamplaan, but there is news again. After the 15th accident with a bollard took place at the beginning of this year , the moving posts were temporarily turned off. In the meantime, a solution has been sought, and it is now!

In the short life of the bollards next to the Hagaziekenhuis, about a year and a half, there are no fewer than 56 accidents happened. The Municipality of The Hague continued to look for solutions such as lots of warning signs and painting the road green, but to no avail.

Is this the solution?

The bullet is through the church; the bollards on Escamplaan will be removed. The movable posts have not moved since January and will therefore no longer appear. That does not mean that you can now drive on with impunity, because the poles are being replaced by cameras.

The Municipality of The Hague installs Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras at the location of the bollards. These smart cameras register the number plates of the cars that drive through where they are not allowed. You can then expect a fine of euros.

The cameras will probably be put up before the summer and will stay there for at least two years. Then we check whether this is the right solution.

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