Bolt’s app. Photo for illustration.Photo: Shutterstock/Daniel VG

Bolt has added a new feature to its app called: ‘Planned Rides’. This new feature allows users to book a taxi ride from 04 hours in advance. According to the taxi platform, this ‘highly requested’ feature provides a better user experience.

This brand new feature makes it easier for travelers to plan a taxi in advance. “The feature allows passengers to book a ride on a selected day, pick-up time and location. Bolt drivers receive the fare well in advance so they can get to the traveler on time. In the test phase we saw a success rate of no less than 99 percent,” says country manager Lars Speekenbrink.

Should it happen that no drivers are available to carry out the pre-planned trip, the traveler will be informed in time by Bolt. However, the mobility platform expects such situations to occur in less than 1 percent of planned journeys. Furthermore, Bolt users can cancel a scheduled ride free of charge up to one hour before pick-up time.

Work-Related Rides Both regular Bolt users and Bolt Business users can take advantage of the new feature. “For example, Bolt Business users can book work-related rides or rides for business customers throughout Amsterdam and the surrounding area via their account,” says the European mobility platform. “The function is also useful for private customers who have to travel to the airport, train station or bus station. Bolt is working with Schiphol for this.” The function for planned trips will be expanded in the future to other Dutch cities where Bolt is active.

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