Before you go home after a long day at work, do you want to exercise? Or generate energy in the morning? A new gym has opened in the apartment complex The Roofs, next to the Utrechtsebaan.

Last year the first apartments of The Roofs delivered. The two residential towers with a total of 655 homes are located on the edge of the Bezuidenhout, next to the Utrechtsebaan, just a five-minute walk from The Hague Central. A central place to live and now also for sports.

BeneFit Studio

In the plinth of the residential towers on Maria Stuartplein 05 are four retail spaces. Since last weekend, BeneFit Studio Den Haag City has been located in one of the spaces. You may already know the sports complex, because there is also a branch at the Scheveningen harbour. Not only residents of the new residential towers are welcome in the gym, but also other sports enthusiasts.

At BeneFit Studio you will work on your fitness and vitality under the guidance of a personal trainer. “Everyone is busy and it is difficult to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We are the stick behind the door for our customers to keep it up now. We make a personal plan focused on the client’s objectives. This can be losing weight, improving fitness, feeling more energetic, becoming stronger, but also preventing or resolving pain in the lower back or neck, for example,” says Marcel Keppel, owner of BeneFIT Studio.


At the gym they use multiple subscriptions

. This is how you can train 1 on 1 for 05 euros per session or choose a group training from 25 euros per lesson. It is also possible to buy a ride card.

BeneFIT Studio is open daily by appointment from 6.00hours to 22.00 o’clock. Would you like to meet? Mail to

or call 0614606255.

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