RentaCab, known for its Schiphol taxis, has recently started driving seven new hydrogen cars from Toyota and Hyundai. LeasePlan, partner of the Amsterdam taxi company, announced this via its own website. “Hydrogen cars are technically ready, which is why we are taking this step”, says Gamis el Bouakili.

“Together we want to introduce the hydrogen car more widely”, continues the RentaCab director his story. “A good network of filling stations is now important for this. The big advantage of hydrogen compared to electric is that you have no charging time. A hydrogen car can continue driving after a few minutes of refueling.”

Growing demand helps to expand the network of hydrogen filling stations, according to the fleet manager. Partly thanks to RentaCab’s collaboration with Toyota, Shell and LeasePlan, the number of stations is expanding, LeasePlan reports. “We used to be able to go to only two stations, but now there are four. The hydrogen supply at the filling stations is also growing nationally,” says el Bouakili.

Teething problems Despite this expansion, the availability of hydrogen is still insufficiently reliable according to the RentaCab director. “Sometimes it runs out, sometimes the pressure is too low or something is broken. Although we knew that we would suffer from teething problems, we still wanted to get started with this type of transport. Because we see the benefits of hydrogen and because we believe that we should burden the environment as little as possible. In this way we contribute to a cleaner world for our children”, concludes Gamis el Bouakili.

RentaCab says that sustainability is of paramount importance. For example, the Amsterdam taxi company signed the ZeroEmission taxi statement. With this, governments and taxi companies express their ambition to only have emission-free taxis driving in cities from 05.

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