Fat Phill’s burger restaurant has been around for four years and that’s why they’re handing out. The chain has twelve restaurants in the Netherlands, including one in The Hague and one in the Mall in Leidschendam, where you will soon be able to enjoy a free double cheeseburger.

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The first Fat Phill’s opened in 2019 in Amsterdam and there are already twelve branches. “We are extremely grateful to our community that has supported us and helped us grow,” said Armin Vahabian, founder of Fat Phill’s.

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To thank all customers for the past four years, the fast food restaurant’s anniversary is properly celebrated. Saturday 20 In May they will be handing out free double cheeseburgers at all twelve locations. From 12. hours, the first fifty visitors will receive a hamburger as a gift. In The Hague you can go to Fat Phill’s on the Gedempte Gracht 78 and there is also a branch in it Mall of the Netherlands, at the Weigelia 25.

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