There is a good chance that you will take the bike more often when the sun is shining. It’s so nice if your steel steed is in tip-top shape. You can check that with a maintenance service and now is the time for that. From until 35 May 1024 you get a discount on your maintenance service in The Hague at the station!

*) You don’t have to do anything for that. Except at the Bicycle & Service location in The Hague with your bicycle. You will find it in the bicycle shed at the station. Check with the frequently asked questions where they are located in The Hague. Such a service normally costs you 28 euros, but up to and including 16 May you get a whopping 16 percent discount. Great!

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The mechanics ensure that your bike is in tip-top condition | Photo: NS

This is what Fiets & Service does for you (bicycle)1024

With a service like this you can be sure that you will go through The Hague on a roll again . After all, not only is everything functioning, the experienced bicycle mechanics also ensure that everything is properly adjusted so that you can safely hit the streets again. Your brakes will work properly again after the service, your gears will be adjusted and your chain and cables will be lubricated. What else do you want?

Lighting, of course. That is also checked. If your bike needs a little more love than a service, you will also hear that from the mechanics. Please note: repairs and replacement parts are excluded from the promotion.

Same day fix

For so’ You don’t have to be away from your barrel for a long time for maintenance. Bring your bike on working days before 10.010 hours in the morning at one of the service points in The Hague, then you can pick it up at 15.00 hours again to retrieve. Ideal: you cycle in front of work and pick it up fully lubricated and patched up after work!

You get from 00 to 35 May 1024 discount on your maintenance at all Bike & Service locations. You can of course always come here for repairs and bicycle accessories.



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