This is 5-year-old Freya. This sweet lady and her brother entered the shelter of the Haags Dierencentrum. The animal ambulance brought them after their owner passed away. Now this beautiful dog is looking for a new owner, without her brother because he is now with the love of his life.

Initially, the caretakers of the shelter started looking for a home where brother and sister were welcome together. But as they stayed longer in the shelter, they noticed that brother and sister also did very well without each other. There were also quite a few frictions every now and then between the two. After brother Wodan fell in love with another dog, where he was also allowed to move in, it was decided to find a separate house for both dogs. Of course, Freya also deserves a loving home where she can be the center of attention.


This girl loves nice walks and with her new owner this will be a party. She can react differently to other dogs. She usually prefers to leave running after balls to others of the same kind, but sometimes not. Cuddling, on the other hand, she is the best!

Unfortunately, nothing is known about her past. Has she learned to stay home alone? If she could do this, she would probably be with her brother. Now that Freya is only looking for a new home, this will have to be built up slowly. It is also unknown whether she was potty trained in her previous home.

Are you looking for an active, affectionate lady? Do you enjoy long walks and adventures as much as they do? Do you have all the time to fulfill her wishes? Send an e-mail with your details such as: family situation, any other pets and how long they should be home alone to:

, don’t forget your phone number!

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