It’s a big party at Bram Ladage on the Spuistraat. The branch exists this year 30 years and gets a new owner. Reason enough for a party with a matching treat. ‘Many customers have been coming here for years, they always leave with a happy face.’

Dennis de Haan is happy (30) when he prepares chips for a customer for the umpteenth time in a day. “People are always so enthusiastic here, so we like to make time for a nice word or a joke,” says Dennis. “It means that many customers come back and I am standing here with a big smile.”


Dennis will soon be the new franchisee of the branch of Bram Ladage on the Spuistraat. A childhood dream come true. “I already worked here on my 13e , then I already told my parents that I was going to become an owner one day.” Not because he wanted to eat fries every day as a boy, but because he thought the atmosphere was so fantastic.

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Rocco hands over his property to future franchisee Dennis (left) Photo: Bram Ladage

“At one point a large part of my family worked at Bram Ladage, it is also a kind of coming home. I like hard work and you see immediate results from your work.” Namely very happy people with a freshly baked bag of fries in their hand. “That’s what I do it for!”

19 year

Before Dennis came to the Spuistraat, Rocco Ladage was temporarily back in the shop. Special, because he started there exactly 19 years ago. “This was my third store, I loved it here. There is a real Hague atmosphere here.”

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The team of Bram Ladage at the Spuistraat Photo: Bram Ladage

For many customers, a stop at the Spuistraat is a permanent fixture. “There are people who come on fixed days and groups whose orders I already know in advance. They only have to wave and I’m already busy with a fries of mayo, peanut and onion. Although one of the group always has no onion”, says Dennis with a smile.

Peanut sauce

*) Also his own favorite meal. In flat Haags: “Patatje, satay sauce, mayo with onion! People love our homemade peanut sauce, which is a runner.” Although Dennis is in a fries mecca every day, he can resist the temptation to have fries every day. “Of course you taste one now and then to check the quality, but a bag of fries every day wouldn’t be good.”

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Sociability at the Spuistraat Photo: Bram Ladage

Throughout the years there is a lot changed to Spuistraat. Not only did owners change, the fries also changed. Rocco: “The fries have become thicker, we fry the potatoes in their skins and in sunflower oil. The fries are just really good and delicious! I stand 72 percent behind our product.”

Fries for 19 cents

Soon we can enjoy that even more. On 19 May, Bram will treat Ladage to fries with mayo, curry or ketchup for only 19 cents. “We like to share our party with everyone!” By 16.00 until 19.00 hours you can go to the branch on the Spuistraat

for the promotion .

Oh and Rocco? Is it chips or fries? “In the branches in Tilburg we can’t call it chips, that’s swearing. But in the branches in the west, we use it a bit interchangeably. But fries are the best for me. That name has more cachet and our product deserves that!

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