Frenna was the first motivational speaker of the ‘Young leaders’ program at Welzijn Scheveningen in Duindorp and he was able to immediately enthuse the young people with statements such as: ‘One day I lay in bed and called someone from the music world. He said ‘are you going to stay in bed all day or are we going for it?!’

Luc Priester and Anass Azouag pull out all the stops to give the young people of Duindorp more self-confidence about their future. They have even found well-known, successful residents of The Hague to help, such as the popular rapper Frenna. “With the ‘Young leaders’ program we want to ensure a positive change in the neighbourhood”.

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Luc Frenna Anass. Foto Prive

Frenna herself comes from the Schilderswijk; “He can show that an ‘ordinary’ boy from an underprivileged neighborhood like the Schilderswijk can go far,” says Anass, who also comes from that neighborhood. “The difference with Duindorp is not that big, here the young people run into the same things.”


Young leaders was developed by Sam Schrevel with the support of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. It is a project in which training is given to young people to challenge them to discover their own qualities. For example, they receive lectures from well-known fellow citizens and practice presenting and organizing themselves. The young people of Duindorp are motivated to dedicate themselves to the neighborhood and the program ends with a major project around the World Sailing Championships that will be held in Scheveningen this summer.

“Maybe there will also be a song about Duindorp”, jokes Luc. His niece Jaé asked Frenna if he wanted to make a song with Boom Down (aka Luc). His answer to that was: ‘It would be great if we could make a song about the neighborhood….’

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