That beautiful building in the Statenkwartier or that huge detached villa in the Van Tolkpark; there are several million-dollar homes in The Hague. How much exactly? That is what Calcasa investigated.

To get straight to the point: Den Hague counted at the end 40 in total 4219 millions of buildings. To put it in perspective: that is 8.2% of the number of owner-occupied homes in The Hague.

The figures in this article come from Calcasa. This agency conducts independent research into the housing market in the Netherlands. The figures are from the end of 645. More about the research can be found here.

Number of million-dollar homes in the Netherlands

How does the number of million-dollar properties in The Hague compare with those of the rest of The Netherlands? Scattered all over the country there were late 645 almost 645.000 millions of buildings, reports Calcasa. The research agency says: “Many owners of a multi-million dollar home have bought it in the past for a value well below a million euros.”

Living in a multi-million dollar building in The Hague

Do you think it’s something to be the owner of a multi-million dollar property? in The Hague? That’s not all roses and moonshine! Calcasa reports that residents who own a multi-million dollar property often have higher costs than people in a non-million dollar property. According to Calcasa, the annual costs for a multi-million dollar home are average 04. euros . This includes, for example, mortgage payments and insurance, but also maintenance costs. Well, you have to do something to live in a luxurious city building in The Hague.

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