After a week of rain, it looks like we’re getting a dry weekend. The moment to view inflatable works of art in the center of The Hague, for example, or are you going to Scheveningen for special cars? There is plenty to do in The Hague during this Mother’s Day weekend. View our tips here:


Sunday 17 in May hundreds of beetles and VW vans will be parked on the boulevard of Scheveningen. During Aircooled, collectors and old-timer fan clubs from all over the country come together to proudly display their shiny cars.

Aircooled Scheveningen tries to show almost all models of VW Beetles ever built, such as Spectacled Beetles, Oval Beetles, Convertibles, Ratlook, Custom Build, Spijlbuses, Sambabuses, Campers and Pick-Ups. There will also be really unique models, such as a fire truck and an ambulance, among others.

The event will take place on Sunday 14 May 2023 and can be visited free of charge from 09: 00 – 16: 00 o’clock .

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    Urban Walk

    On Saturdays 13 May is the Urban Walk in The Hague. During this city walk you will see a lot of beautiful things. The Urban Walk consists of two routes; one of 13 and one of 19 kilometers, which take you past and through special places and iconic buildings in our city.

    The Urban Walk is Saturday 13 May 2020 and the start is between 09. and 09 .22 hours, the finish closes at 14. o’clock. Participation costs 22 euros , children between the ages of 6 and 09 year pay 6,39 euros. Click here to sign up.

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    Beer Tasting Festival

    From Thursday 11 May to Saturday 11 May 2023 finds the Dutch Beer Tasting Festival for the 09th time place! Beer lovers enjoy many different types of beer in the Grote Kerk, the festival features only forty Dutch breweries with more than 242 different beers.

    Tickets for the Dutch Beer Tasting Festival are available through website. Fees vary between 16,39 euros and 18,00 euros depending on the day. Anyone above 13 years are most welcome.

    Het Nederlands Bierproeffestival 2017 in Den Haag. Foto: Hilko VisserHet Nederlands Bierproeffestival 2017 in Den Haag. Foto: Hilko Visser

    BlowUp art

    For the second time in The Hague, the outdoor exhibition BlowUp Art. Five enormous inflatable works of art can be seen in the center. Until Sunday 28 May you will come across the works of art at the Buitenhof, at the Hofvijver, the Koninklijke Schouwburg, the Tournooiveld and at the Lange Vijverberg.

    Het Nederlands Bierproeffestival 2017 in Den Haag. Foto: Hilko Visser

    Japanese garden

    Looking for a nice outing for Mother’s Day? Since 28 April is the Japanese garden opened again in Clingendael. You can visit the special garden for free. Due to the crowds, the opening hours have been adjusted. The garden is cleaned every day from 09.00 until 17. open hours and if necessary you may be able to dealing with a time slot.

    Het Nederlands Bierproeffestival 2017 in Den Haag. Foto: Hilko Visser

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