Does the yellow-green blood flow through the veins of your best friend, brother or mother? Then register him or her as Hommerson Club hero! Whoever is chosen as a Club Hero not only bears this honorary title, but also receives a VIP treatment – ​​together with you.

Hommerson Casino has played an important role as sponsor of ADO Den Haag for over years. They do not do this alone, but together with supporters and volunteers. That’s why they like to put such a super fan in the spotlight and are looking for a Club hero.

Everyone can be a Club hero

Hommerson Casino has been supporting ADO Den Haag since the time of trainer Rinus Israël. But of course club heroes do that too. Anyone can be a Club hero. Fanatical supporters who travel the city and country through wind and weather, volunteers who ensure that football can be played or loyal supporters who don’t miss a match in The Hague. If you are there for ADO, in any way whatsoever, Hommerson would like to put you in the spotlight!

A top day at ADO for the Club Hero

Whoever is named Club Hero can count on an unforgettable day. And he or she is not alone: ​​the one who gave up the Club Hero simply benefits. You will be picked up together to have dinner at the ADO stadium. There you can also see one of the home games of the club from The Hague. You don’t just have a spot in the stadium: you watch the match from fieldseats


After the game the fun is not over yet, because you will receive 500 euro playing credit for the casino. You can use that at Hommerson Forepark. When you have finished playing, you will also be brought home. Count on an unforgettable day!

This is what you need to know

Specify your club hero by telling online what makes him or her such a top supporter of ADO and who knows, you might enjoy a unique day together at ADO Den Haag. Note: Club Heroes may not be younger than 20 years and may not have an entry or stadium ban.

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