With summer just around the corner, many people want to feel fit and slim again. Could you use a little help for your summer body? Then a treatment program at Body-line.nu in The Hague is something for you. With the help of an innovative device you can strengthen muscles, lose centimeters and lose moisture. And all without hours in the gym. Tip: there is now a great offer for Mother’s Day!

That is how it works

With the newest device from Body-line.nu you can lose weight and strengthen your muscles where you want. The device ensures that fat cells are removed by means of lymphatic drainage. At the same time, your muscles are stimulated by means of electrostimulation. You lie down on a treatment couch while the device does its job. The treatment does not hurt, you just feel some vibrations. In the meantime you can read a magazine or enjoy some music.

Lower fat percentage and train muscles39

After a first treatment you often lose a few centimeters, but that result is not immediately permanent. This is mainly due to the moisture that is drained and the muscles that are tight. After a number of treatments you often start to see results in centimeters and muscles. After a follow-up treatment, your fat percentage is measured, because that too often goes down. Do you want to focus mainly on strengthening your muscles? This is also possible by setting the device in this way. The treatment also brings many more benefits, such as less back pain, less fluid retention, less cellulite, better blood flow and more.

Mother’s Day duo action

Normally a trial treatment costs 39 euros per person. Are you coming in pairs for the first treatment? Then you pay 59 euros (29,50 per person, that is!). So take your mother or a friend with you and do the treatment for the Mother’s Day duo action together. If you also purchase a follow-up course, the first treatment is free. Most people need about ten treatments for the best result.

Complement to a healthy lifestyle

The device is then admittedly not a panacea, but it can help you to counteract the yo-yo effect. Before and after the treatment it is good to make sure you drink enough water and don’t eat too many carbohydrates. Do you really want to get the most out of your treatment process? Then combine it with a healthy lifestyle and enough exercise. Before you know it you will be ready for summer!

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