It’s never boring in the center of The Hague: A new sports shop opened in one street this week, while the closure sale started in the other street. Aktiesport on the Vlamingstraat is currently having a big sale because they will soon close their doors for good.

Last week the brand new sports shop

opened on the Wagenstraat Sprinter

opened, but around the corner the mood was less festive. At Aktiesport, the case is sold empty.

Closures and openings

It is not very strange that Aktiesport is closing, while a new one is practically around the corner case opens. Both Aktiesport and Sprinter have the same parent company: the Spanish Iberian Sports Retail Group (ISRG). JD Sports is also part of this, it opens May a new branch in the center of The Hague.


Aktiesport is now holding closing sale and that goes fast. Clothes and shoes are sold with 15 to 60 percent off and the case is almost over empty. Thursday 15 June closes the sports shop is closed for good, unless everything has already been sold.

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