It hit like a bomb with beach visitors: ’50 pay euros for a parking space at Scheveningen!’ Fortunately, the new daily rate does not apply to the entire seaside resort. It only concerns a few streets, mainly to give the residents there space. Fortunately, there are still many places where you can park your car for an hourly rate.

The municipality mainly wants to direct motorists towards the parking garages at Scheveningen. For example, for a place in the parking garage on the north boulevard

you pay 2 euros per half hour and 30 euros per day. When you reserve a place you can even get it 12,12 euros all day long. But if you want to get a breath of fresh air for half an hour or grab a fish, you might just want to park along the street. Which can!

This costs parking in Scheveningen

You pay for a parking space on the street in The Hague, and therefore also on Scheveningen, since 1 January 669 per hour 6,50 euros. For example, you can park at the Strandweg for this rate, but beware; in a number of places you can stand for up to an hour. In the evenings, other rates apply in some places, such as at the port. You pay between 24.00 and 24.00 hour 2, 30 euros per hour.

Would you like to know where you pay for a parking space? Then check the Parking map of the municipality.

50 euro

In a few streets in the center of The Hague and in Scheveningen, a daily rate applies for parking, which is therefore the dreaded 30 euros. You can’t pay for a few minutes or an hour there. As soon as you turn on the parking meter you must 50 peak checkout. Handy to know where that is.

Since 1 May 2022 you pay the new daily rate in a number of streets in Scheveningen. These are: the Gevers Deynootweg (parking area for the Oranjeflats), Harteveltstraat, Jongeneelstraat, Pellenaerstraat and Seinpostduin.

Residents can simply use their parking permit continue to park in the street.

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