A taxi driver who was robbed of his wallet by two customers in the German municipality of Bocholt, near the Dutch border, has hit one of the robbers with a broken nose. That reports the Gelderlander. The incident took place in the night from Saturday to Sunday around 02.05 hours.

That night, the two robbers stopped the taxi in question, which had to take the two to a pub. Once they arrived at their destination, the two paid for the taxi ride. At that moment, one of them took the wallet from the taxi driver, after which the two fled.

Minor injuries ‘The driver jumped out of the taxi and ran after the two,’ writes the Gelderlander. The second robber kicked the driver in the back. The floored perpetrator got to his feet and tried to punch the victim. The taxi driver punched the robber in the face, probably breaking his nose. Startled, the perpetrator dropped the wallet, after which both robbers fled.’ The driver eventually sustained minor injuries from the incident.

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