It took a while; at the end of July clothing stores Monki and adjacent H&M closed their doors for good in the center of The Hague. What would come back in the buildings was uncertain for a long time. Today, Monday 8 May, was the day; the first Sprinter sports shop in The Hague opened its doors and hobby photographer Nick Rijnfrank immediately took a look.

In the former building of Monki, on the Wagenstraat, sports shop Sprinter is today opened. The Spanish retail chain has acquired previous Perry Sports.

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Sports shops

At first it was thought that the old buildings of H&M and Monki would become one large new store. That turned out to be different. Sprinter has now opened in Monki’s old building, with some delay, and JD Sports will open later this month in the other building on Weversplaats. strange that two sports shops are going to sit next to each other? Not really. Sprinter is part of ISRG and ISRG is part of JD Sports. So they all belong to the same family.

Photos Sprinter The Hague

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