The number of snorders, people who offer illegal taxi transport, in the Friesland region has increased again in recent months. This is reported by the police on social media. The base team of the Northeast Friesland police reinforced this statement by capturing no fewer than two mustaches this weekend.

“Reports from the local taxi sector to the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) and the police and observations by investigating officers show that the number of illegal taxi drivers, also known as called snorders, has increased again in this region in recent months, “says the base team of the Northeast Friesland police. By writing to suspicious drivers and by carrying out targeted checks, the police say they are trying to tackle this ‘phenomenon’.

Robber robbery This weekend the police, in collaboration with ILT, succeeded in catching no less than two mustaches. The first snorer was caught in the night from Friday to Saturday near the Frisian village of Hurdegaryp. The 22-year-old resident of the municipality of Achtkarspelen offered taxi services for a fee, without having a taxi permit. “Because there was already a suspicion that the man was engaged in illegal taxi transport, he was warned by the ILT. On Friday night he was caught while transporting customers, which is considered a robbery of the regular taxi industry. The suspect, who also turned out to be in possession of hard drugs and a blackjack, was therefore arrested. An official report has also been drawn up”, according to the police.

However, it did not stop there, because that same evening the police also succeeded in removing a beast from the road in Leeuwarden . “The man, a 01 year old resident of Burgum, was caught traveling with customers who paid him for the ride. An official report has been drawn up for violating the Passenger Transport Act 22 (WP2000).”

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