The sun is showing itself more and more often and then it is of course wonderful to go outside. How nice is it to cycle through The Hague with your hair in the wind! If you’re still on your bike, don’t forget to visit the following hotspots.

Cycling from the Grote Markt to Scheveningen is of course very healthy. Not only do you enjoy the fresh air, but you also get some exercise. When the sun shows itself, your day is complete.

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Always fast and stylish through the city | Photo: Cortina

Hotspots om to visit in The Hague

Cycling through The Hague can make you tired. Fortunately, The Hague has plenty of options for a nice coffee break. You can get special coffees at JoeJoe Coffee, a good cup of coffee at Zamcaffè, or a strong espresso from Op de Weis.

For a nice bite to eat, Blyenberg is the right place in The Hague. This way you will certainly end your cycling day through The Hague with a good feeling.

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As lightning fast by The Hague

Can’t get enough of The Hague? You can go even further with an electric bicycle from Cortina. E-bikes are no longer just for the elderly. Especially when you see the designs of the bikes. Those sleek and modern bikes also bring plenty of benefits to younger people. For example, you leave the car at home more often – better for you and for the environment!

Instead of pedaling hard to get ahead on your old steel steed, you almost float through the environment. Moreover, you are often faster than by car, because you can go anywhere by bike. You are nice outside and often drive nicer routes.

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You can also go out with your Cortina bicycle in the evening and at night | Photo: Cortina

Enjoy The Hague on an electric bicycle

In short, what are you waiting for? Enjoy spring and summer and discover even more of The Hague and its surroundings on your Cortina e-bike!



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