Vico is a young, active and stubborn hangover of 2 years old. He likes to be found outside, he can enjoy himself for hours on his scratching post in the outdoor kennel. Birds and other cats, all very interesting. But unfortunately the outside kennel in the shelter is quite limited, Vico can’t wait to exchange it for a wonderful spacious garden!

If you are looking for a lap cat, then Vico is the right place for you. But if you give him a great cat life of his own, if you don’t have any other cats and if you want to be his playmate, it could be a match.


Occasionally a pet Vico likes, but only if he feels like it and has time for it. If you go too far with him, you can expect a big blow and he also dares to use his teeth.

Playing, on the other hand, is his thing; he is incredibly fanatical and can’t get enough of it. A garden is really necessary for this guy and Vico is not suitable to live with small children.

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