The fifteenth edition of the Liberation Festival in The Hague was held on the Malieveld on Friday 5 May. With various music venues, the Hague Hip-hop Center Area, the Plein van de Vrijheid and a diverse program with music, debates, theater and stand-up comedy, there was plenty to do. And the sun shone almost all day.

Singer Froukje was Ambassador of Freedom in The Hague this year. At the end of the afternoon she landed with a helicopter on the Malieveld, after which she gave an enthusiastic performance that many fans came especially for. There was also a large audience at the performances of Jett Rebel, singer Jeangu Macrooy and the Nieuwe Nederlanders (a group of refugees from Sudan, Syria and Iran) and the internationally renowned Latin superstar Rolf Sanchez, who closed the festival on the big stage.

While festivals in Zwolle, Assen and Groningen had to be temporarily stopped due to heavy rainfall, our city was lucky that the heavy thunderstorms passed The Hague right by.

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