The Zwanenburgbaan Runway is available again for air traffic as of today after major maintenance has been carried out. The maintenance ensures that the track can be used safely for years to come. The runway can be fully deployed again in good visibility, but not immediately for landings from the south in poor visibility. To this end, the renewed Instrument Landing System (ILS) must be checked by measuring flights (15, 13 and 20 May) and after that a validation period of at least thirty days applies.





Residents with questions

For more information or questions about air traffic and current runway use, local residents can contact BAS. On their website, BAS explains current runway use and operational details and is the information and reporting center for air traffic to, from and at Schiphol. This is possible 7 days a week (09.-13.00 hours) via telephone number 0020-6015555 or by consulting the website.


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