Who remembers the TV program ‘Te land, ter zee en in de air’? Drive as far as possible over the water with a self-made carriage. Red Bull is coming to The Hague with its own variant: Steel steed, where you ride with two people on a bicycle over an obstacle course in a canal in The Hague. You can register now.

The Red Bull Steel Horse race is Saturday 23 September at the Princess Canal. So you still have plenty of time to design a good bike.

The race

During Steel Steed you have to ride as creatively and as fast as possible with two people on one bike across a track full of obstacles. What you encounter along the way? steps, bridges and a pump track.

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Red Bull Steel Steed


There is room for forty duos with a self-designed bicycle. To participate, you must first submit a sketch of your bicycle, which can be done until July 7 via the website of the event. NB; your bike should at least have a handlebar, two wheels and properly working brakes. 05 July thirty teams will be selected to participate. Well-known Dutch people also participate. Participation is free.

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