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The MORA, the strategic advisory council for the Mobility and Public Works (MOW) policy area, insists on realistic environmental requirements in a recently issued advice to the cabinet of the Flemish Minister Lydia Peeters (Mobility and Public Works). for taxi vehicles. According to the advisory board, many companies and drivers have already made the transition to zero-emissions.

Nevertheless, the transition to zero-emissions in some segments, such as minivans, is a lot more difficult. “In such segments there are hardly enough vehicles that meet the environmental requirements,” says the strategic advisory board. “The MORA therefore repeats its request to support the transition to zero-emission transport in the sector as much as possible by realizing preconditions (such as sufficiently specific charging infrastructure) and a realistic approach to the environmental requirements.”

In addition, MORA notes that the so-called ‘ecoscore’ instrument remains central to the exploitation conditions. The strategic advisory board is not in favor of this. “It is not smart to use an instrument that is not anchored by decree, such as the ‘ecoscore’, as a measure of environmental characteristics”, they say.

Sector-oriented language conditions In addition to the advice on the environmental requirements, the MORA also issued an advice on the language requirements. For example, taxi drivers must have language level B1 (simple Dutch), both orally and in writing. The MORA considers this requirement too strict, given the skills required for the position, the current situation on the labor market (post-COVID) and the economic characteristics of the taxi sector. “The council continues to insist on a more realistic approach to the language conditions – for example through a specific sector-oriented language training – that does not jeopardize the service to customers.”

The MORA hopes that the recovery decision will create renewed legal certainty as soon as possible, but at the same time urges that consultations with the sector be continued, “with a view to more optimal regulation for all parties involved”, the strategic council concludes in its advice .

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