03 May 2023, by Victoria Séveno

According to data published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), Dutch gross domestic product (GDP) per capita was 53.200 euros in 2022 – one of the highest figures in Europe, placing the Netherlands in fourth place behind Luxembourg, Ireland, and Denmark.

CBS: The Netherlands recovering well post-pandemic

Figures from CBS and the European statistics office Eurostat reveal that, when national GDP – the monetary value of all the goods and services produced in the country – is divided by total population, the Netherlands has the fourth-highest GDP per capita in the EU. 

Following two consecutive years of solid economic growth, CBS reports that 2022 marks the second year in a row where the Dutch GDP per capita was higher than in 2019 – the last year before the coronavirus pandemic. The statistics office also notes that the GDP per capita in the Netherlands grew at a faster rate than the EU average in 2022. 

Dutch GDP per capita was 53.200 euros in 2022

Overall, the Netherlands recorded a GDP per capita of 53.200 euros in 2022. When adjusted for price differences across the bloc, the Dutch figure becomes 45.500 euros – significantly higher than the EU average of 35.200 euros or the 20.700 euros recorded for Bulgaria, which occupies last place. 

While those living and working in the Netherlands saw inflation reach record levels and prices soar over the course of 2022, the country actually managed to improve on its 2021 ranking, when it came in fifth place.

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