Almost every day we take a look at the barn owls via the webcam. Unfortunately, things are not going as well with the beautiful animals, we read on AD.

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The barn owls in Meijendel, Wassenaar, have had quite a bit to endure over the past month. While the owl couple in love received their first little one at the beginning of April, the other three chicks died two days ago and the male is nowhere to be seen.

Webcam birds

In the middle of the dune area of ​​National Park Hollandse Duinen, at the top of the visitor center of Dunea De Tapuit, there is a nesting box in which a family of barn owls can be admired all day long. Here they lay eggs and wait for the animals to be born.

The female owl has recently laid four eggs, which are laid a few days apart in April all came true. Sadly, only one cub remains today. A lugubrious scene has played out.

Male no longer sighted

The male has not been seen at the nest for some time. According to Dunea, this may be due to an accident while hunting, but he may also have fallen prey to wild animals himself.

Because he is no longer there to look after the female and the little one to take care of, the mother has to go hunting herself. This creates a difficult situation, as the chick is still young and needs to be kept warm. Three out of four owl chicks therefore did not make it. Due to the lack of food, the deceased animals were eaten by the mother and the remaining barn owl.

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Do not intervene

‘This is also appropriate with wild nature’, Dunea writes on the website. That’s why they don’t intervene. This would cause the animals to become tame and endanger their peers. The chance of survival of the animals is also very small as a result.

See here how the mother owl and her young fare. Via a Dunea nest camera, a peregrine falcon and her eggs can also be followed from the Watertoren in Scheveningen.

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