Published: 3 May 2023Modified: 22 May 2023

The municipality is investigating whether the coastal area can become a low-emission zone for cars and a zero-emission zone for trucks and delivery vans as of 1 January 2025. Certain petrol- or diesel-powered cars, trucks and vans will then not be allowed to drive in this type of zone.

The investigation should clearly reflect the opinion of residents and businesses on this subject. And how the municipality can help businesses and residents switch to sustainable transportation. For example, by offering a subsidy or other measures.

The investigation will last until the summer and it will take in the entire coastal region. This region stretches from Scheveningen/Benoordenhout to Kijkduin. And starting from the coast in the direction of the city the investigation will look at the area between the coast and the N44, S200 and Laan van Meerdervoort.

As part of the investigation the municipality will speak with:

residents organisationsbusiness associationsother interest groups residents and businesses on the street.Follow-upThe municipality is also looking at whether it is technically possible to extend the low- and zero-emission zone and whether it complies with all of the legal requirements. The results of all of these studies will be handed over the Municipal Executive before the summer of 2023. The Municipal Executive and the Municipal Council will then be able to decide if the low-emission zone will be created and under which conditions.

Nitrogen pollutionMany vulnerable nature areas along the coast are being impacted by nitrogen emissions. This is caused in part by exhaust gases from cars, delivery vans and trucks. Nature will have a better chance of recovering with less nitrogen. In addition many home and road building projects, such as the boulevard, have been temporarily ceased because they would produce too much nitrogen. If there is a way to reduce the amount of polluting traffic, these construction projects could then resume. And less traffic would also lead to cleaner air and less noise pollution.

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