After months of renovation, Frederikstraat number 95 recently opened the Afghan restaurant Sarban. We were invited to taste.

On the spot where Brasserie Huisman could be found until a few years ago, it now smells (and tastes) deliciously like a whole new kitchen: the Afghan.

Afghan menu

Chefs and owners Ferogh Sidiqui and Rafiullah Ahmadi of the new Afghan restaurant Sarban on Frederikstraat, both enjoy working in the kitchen. Since we are not familiar with the Afghan dishes, they propose to serve us an ‘introductory menu’.

We start with mantoe (a steamed dough cushion with seasoned minced meat), kofte tokhm (vegetarian burgers), qorme morg (chicken thigh) and afghan bread to mop up any leftover sauce. Was it tasty? The plates have gone back to the kitchen, radiantly wiped clean.

Photo: indebuurt

Photo: indebuurt

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