Hubtaxi Westerkwartier. Photo for illustration.Photo: municipality of Westerkwartier

The municipality of Westerkwartier wants to increase the brand awareness of the hub taxi and bring the facility more to the attention of its residents. The municipality will inform TaxiPro of this upon request. According to alderman Harry Stomphorst (Public Transport), this transport service is still only used sparingly.

“The hub taxi has been around for about eight years, but few residents are aware of its existence,” said alderman Stomphorst about this last month against RTV Noord. “That’s a pity, because it’s a great facility. It ensures mobility for Westerkwartier residents, who do not have a car, for example, or for whom cycling to a public transport hub is too far or too difficult.”

Austerity According to a spokesman for the municipality, much less use was made of (public) transport during the corona period. “That also applied to the hub taxi”, the spokesman explains the limited use of this transport service. “We would like all residents to be able to travel by public transport, despite the austerity of the public transport network in a municipality such as Westerkwartier.”

Folders To achieve that goal, Westerkwartier wants to increase the brand awareness of the hub taxi. The municipality will do this by drawing their attention to the existence of this transport service during discussions with residents. “In addition, there are also leaflets available about the hub taxi, which we provide if needed. We also post information on our municipal page, website and socials. With this we daily reach about 11. people”, concludes the spokesperson.

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