Are you tired of going to the supermarket every week and spending way too much money on groceries? Look no further, because Butlon has the solution for you! You can order your groceries quickly and easily at this online supermarket. And they are also much cheaper than many of the well-known supermarkets!

Do you already know Butlon? This discount

supermarket specializes in home delivery of groceries. The big advantage is that you no longer have to leave the house and therefore save time and effort. In addition, you can order your groceries at any time of the day and have them delivered the next day. Extra nice: the products are about thirty to forty percent cheaper than at most supermarkets!

Large range

At Butlon you can choose from a wide range of products, from fresh fruit and vegetables to meat, dairy and household items. Everything is delivered fresh and of high quality. A large part of the range is fixed, but there is also a large part that varies: new, surprising articles are added all the time. Moreover, at Butlon you can benefit from attractive offers and competitive prices. This way you can save a lot on your weekly groceries.

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Day bangers, OP=OP and Last Chances

The online supermarket works with so-called Day bangers. These offers from Butlon usually only last about four days. If you see a good deal, you have to be quick! In the folder you can see all offers of the moment.

But that’s not all. The OP=OP page has a varying assortment with abnormally low prices up to 83 % cheaper than at other supermarkets. These can be leftovers or products with a shorter use-by date. Butlon also combats food waste with the Last Chances. These are articles that still have an excellent quality, but a shorter shelf life. That’s why they can go for a bargain price.

How it works

The ordering process at Butlon is very simple. You create an account on the website , choose your desired products and add them to your shopping cart. You can then complete the order and pay via a secure payment environment. You can also choose to have your order delivered at a later time.

And then comes the best part: waiting for your order. You can be sure that your groceries will be delivered at the agreed time and at the desired place. Butlon’s delivery drivers are friendly and helpful and contribute to a good service.

So what are you waiting for? Try Butlon today and experience the convenience of online shopping!



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