Wehouder Marijn van Ballegooijen (right) rode with driver Richard de Haas (left) last week.Photo: Municipality of Amstelveen

Student transport remains an important agenda item with top priority for the municipality of Amstelveen. That says alderman Marijn van Ballegooijen (Care & Welfare) on the site of the municipality. Although student transport is currently going without too many problems, the situation remains fragile, according to the PvdA minister.

“Although most of the problems are now under control, transport remains vulnerable. The pressure on the drivers is still high,” says Van Ballegooijen. He is referring to the end of last year, when, among other things, staffing problems caused some students to arrive late at school. “That is why we stay in close contact with the carriers.”

Praise Because the pressure on the drivers is still high, the alderman wants to encourage them. Van Ballegooijen therefore rode with one of the drivers last Wednesday. “It is impressive to see how motivated and caring the work is. The drivers are often criticized, but they are of course not the cause of the problems. They deserve all the praise”, concludes the PvdA minister.

Call The fact that Van Ballegooijen drove a round had to do with the driver with whom the alderman got into the taxi van. At the beginning of this year, the driver in question made an appeal in the Amstelveens Nieuwsblad . He invited everyone to take a ride with him, to convince them of the necessity of the work and to enthuse people to sign up as a driver. ‘Van Ballegooijen was happy to accept that invitation’, according to the municipality.

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