Rosanne is a historian and reads many books. But where does she buy her books? What is her favorite (The Hague) book? And where does she go to read? Below she shares her favorite book hotspots in The Hague.

Which do you think is the best bookshop in The Hague?

“I have many favorite bookshops in The Hague. From the large Paagman to the Reinkenstraat pearl Colette, and also, for example, the Indian bookstore Moesson and the popular Bookstor. I can never walk past a bookstore and always want to browse

. The diversity of types of bookstores with their own focus is very nice. There is also the book market on the Voorhout and I also like to scour the cycle for old gems.”

Photo Francine van der Wansem

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Favorieten van Rosanne