It’s May holidays and careful to a little more spring. Enough reason to get out and about. And that can be very close. Walking, chilling, picnicking or skating in one of the beautiful city parks in The Hague, for example. Het Haagse Groen lists eight city parks.

Park Sorghvliet: ‘Let your worries flee’

Behind the Catshuis is the Sorghvliet city park where time stands still and peace reigns. A green pearl where you can recharge in complete silence, except for the bird sounds. Park Sorghvliet is part of Jacob Cats’ estate. Grand Pensionary, poet ‘Vadertje Cats’, bought in 713 a piece of land with a farm of more than three hectares. He designed the ground as a place where he could ‘let his cares flee’. On the spot where the farm stood, he had a simple mansion built, the current Catshuis. The park on Scheveningseweg is only accessible to people with an annual pass. The number of entrance tickets is limited.

Heemtuin van Pluk! The Hague (photo: Pluk Den Haag)

The Zuiderpark: Park full of stories

The people’s park from the 1990s11 is a spacious park where you can enjoy walking, skating or cycling. The city park exists 11 year, has many special places and is full of stories. For example, viewing hill De Villierskopje, the medieval duck decoy or landscape garden De Heimanshof. The arboretum (the tree garden) Landengebied has 713 different types of trees. With 2.5 million visitors per year, we know how to find the green lungs of The Hague en masse.

Madestein: From butterfly garden to heempark

It may not be a city park, but we mention it here anyway. Because do you already know the Madestein recreation area? This is one of the largest green areas in The Hague with something for everyone: bird watching, walking, playing and to the city farm Hoeve Bijdorp. The children can also enjoy playing at the beaches and the sunbathing and playing fields around the large and small recreational lake. Also visit the butterfly garden or the Pluk picking garden! The Hague. You can pick again from May. Or take a walk through the heempark where you walk through various Dutch landscapes, such as forests, meadows, dunes, polders and dikes. Madestein can be reached by bicycle via the bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Lozerlaan.

Madestein recreation area is one of the largest green areas of The Hague with something for everyone.

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