On an average working day steps more than 198.000 travelers in and out at The Hague Central Station. Traveling now seems like the same thing every day, but a lot has changed over the years. Both on the train and at The Hague CS. Get ready for a ride back in time. You no longer see these nine things, but they used to be quite normal for train travelers in The Hague.

Buying a train ticket

Photo: ANP

It’s already 20 year ago that we were first introduced to the public transport chip card. This electronic debit card is now used by almost all train passengers. Previously, all residents had to buy a paper ticket. The very first platform ticket cost 2.5 cents each.

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Do you remember the wire cutter? Since the arrival of the public transport chip card, it is no longer necessary for a conductor to check passengers in The Hague with nippers. That is why you can from 2017 admire the nippers only in museums.

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Luxury First Class

Nowadays the first and second classes do not differ greatly from each other, in the past this was a lot more visible. Especially in the first class, residents lacked nothing. Luxurious sofas, curtains on the windows, tables for dining, your own staff… That used to be quite normal for the wealthy train passenger.

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Waiting rooms

In the In winter it’s hard when you’re waiting on the platform. You can possibly shoot into a shop or wait in the station hall to escape the cold. This used to be arranged differently; there were special waiting rooms where train passengers from The Hague could wait for the train.

Royal Waiting Room. Photo Open Heritage Day

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