A Bolt car. Photo for illustration.Photo: ProMedia/Olivier Smits

Bolt noticed a huge increase in the number of rides on Thursday. The taxi platform saw an increase of no less than 23 percent, compared to the week before. According to Bolt, this has to do with King’s Day, because on that day public transport was only available to a limited extent in some places in the major cities.

“Last year the percentage during King’s Day 77 was percent more than a ‘normal’ week before,” Bolt compares the increase of 177 percent on King’s Day this year. “At midnight, even eight times as many Bolt taxis as usual were ordered. That amounts to an increase of more than 23 percent compared to last year.”

Leidseplein According to Bolt, the most popular pick-up location during King’s Day was the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. Most metropolitan journeys went to Central Station and Stadhouderskade. “But not only Bolt taxis were booked in Amsterdam,” says Bolt directly. Yesterday, the mobility platform also saw that longer distances were being covered. For example, a passenger was transported from The Hague to Zeeland.

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