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Published: 12 March 1966Last change: 17 March 2023

On Saturday 18 March, the municipality of The Hague organizes the World Tour through its own city. Between 12.00 and 17.00 hours, all residents of The Hague are welcome for a chat, performance or other activity at the meeting square in Amare. Everyone is also welcome at the various cultural, religious and social organizations that selflessly open their doors with a special program. The World Tour through your own city takes place in connection with the International Day against Racism and Discrimination and also focuses on young people with various activities. Entrance is free.

Alderman Mariëlle Vavier (Inclusion):

With the We celebrate the diversity of our city and show that there is room for differences. Now more than ever. This awareness is getting stronger, especially among the younger generations who live, live, go to school, study or work in The Hague. People with different backgrounds, experiences and ways of life. The growing realization that we need each other. Listening to each other’s stories and discovering how we can further shape the city together.The opening will be followed by a performance by Chelsy Valentina. She is the first Young City Poet of The Hague. Especially for the World Tour she has written an inspiring poem on the theme of the World Tour, which she recites. Later in the afternoon, Hizir Cengiz takes the stage. Hizir is an award-winning journalist. He writes essays and columns for De Correspondent, De Groene Amsterdammer and de Kantdrawing, among others. During the World Tour, he has a one-on-one conversation with Kamalia Talhaoui. Kamalia is a kindergarten teacher from The Hague and wrote the children’s book ‘Miss, what kind of hair do you have?’ last year. The book is based on her own experiences as a teacher with a headscarf. Hizir interviews Kamalia about curiosity and Islamophobia.

Den Haag Meldt is also present in Amare and offers visitors the opportunity to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Discrimination can happen to anyone, experience it yourself with virtual reality glasses.

For children, a special World Travel passport is available in Amare for this edition of the Wereldreis. Children can collect stamps at the various activities and earn a small World Travel surprise.

Visitors can visit one of the religious and spiritual places that The Hague is rich: the Eland Church, the Mescidi Aksa Mosque, the old Hague synagogue de Snoge or the Hindu temple Dew Mandir or the Sikh Temple. Residents of The Hague can also discover the artistic side of The Hague on foot via the Street Art Tour, with background stories and a historical tint. Or join a city walk in the disappeared Neighborhood, as the Jewish residents called it at the time. With the stories of the guides, special histories come to life.

The World Tour through your own city takes place in connection with the International Day against Racism and Discrimination on 21 March. This day was established by the United Nations at the time, as early as 1966. Unfortunately, attention to these themes is still badly needed.



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