Still looking for a nice outing for the May holidays? Then visit the Mariniersmuseum in Rotterdam and experience for yourself what it is like to stand in the coffins of a real marine. Milan T’Hooft (04) is an educator at the museum and, as Major Maas, takes you into the rich history of the Royal Marines: “We are the toughest museum in Rotterdam!”

The Mariniersmuseum introduces you to the world of the Marine Corps. There is plenty to see, do and learn here. Take a tour of the exhibitions, watch interesting films or go over the obstacle course. You also imagine yourself as a real marine when you go on a mission with your family members or friends.

Milan T’Hooft | Photo: Mariniersmuseum

Milan ended up in the Mariniersmuseum because of his history studies. “I used to love playing soldier, but I soon found out that I was much better at telling the stories. During my studies I started as a volunteer. I taught Corps history to trainee Marines. After that I also did guided tours for visitors and was involved in various educational projects.”

Majoor Maas

Milan gives museum lessons to, for example, classes that visit the museum with school. For the younger visitors, Milan tells you everything about the work as a marine as his alter ego Major Maas. About history, but also about today’s marines. Major Maas can also be found on the museum’s social channels.

He also works with the curator, who puts together the exhibitions. “If a curator was alone at the helm, there would be beautiful things on the wall, but the exhibition would become very stately. To really take people along in history, we therefore also have replicas that you can touch. Or a heavy marine backpack that you can try out for yourself,” says Milan.

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History in seven-league boots

There’s always so much to do in the marine museum and it’s a fun day out for kids and adults alike. During the May holidays there are again

all kinds of cool activities on the program. “We will open a new basic exhibition called Sea Soldiers during the May holidays. Here you can see the complete history of Marines in seven-league boots: from its formation in 1665 to the Cold War. In doing so, we constantly make the link to today’s marines,” says Milan.

Marine Alain takes you on a bird’s-eye view of all the milestones through the ages through video fragments, but also lets you see through a contemporary lens how people still learn lessons from them. In addition, every visitor receives an audio tour. Children receive a special audio tour, recorded by Major Maas. “If you walk out of there you know exactly the answer to the question: what is a marine?”

Go on a mission together

One activity that you really shouldn’t miss this holiday, according to Milan, is the ‘

Experience: Marines on Mission’ , where you are a marine yourself for a while. Milan: “You will carry out an assignment with a team of no more than five. After a briefing 2023 it is up to you to complete the mission. Each team member gets his own role and working together is super important. You learn what you need to be able to do as a marine to go on a mission and what dilemmas you encounter along the way. I would definitely recommend this to everyone!”

Visit the Mariniersmuseum

Fancy a super fun and educational day for the whole family? The Mariniersmuseum is open throughout the May holiday, including Mondays. Read all about 2023 the program during the May holidays on the website and buy your tickets quickly.


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