Six of the eight parties that are on the council of Hollands Kroon have asked council questions about student transport for children with epilepsy. This in response to the story of two fathers, who indicated during the council café in mid-April that they experienced student transport as unsafe.

This has to do with the condition where lead their children. Both daughters have epilepsy and can have several seizures every day. “There are many ‘triggers’ in epilepsy. That could be tension or bustle around you, for example”, noted Regio Noordkop from the mouth of the concerned parents.

When one of the children has an epileptic seizure, it is of the utmost importance that medication is administered immediately. Not least to prevent subsequent attacks. According to the fathers, the drivers of Noot, the passenger transport company from Ede that is responsible for the implementation of student transport in Hollands Kroon, are not allowed to administer medication, despite the fact that they have completed first aid courses and a training for life-saving actions.

Unsafe “It feels unsafe for them as parents to let their daughters go to school with the student transport”, so write PvdA, D66, VVD, CDA, Lada & Anders and Independent Hollands Kroon (OHK). “There are many incentives for these children in a van. And if they are transported in a private taxi, safety is not guaranteed by means of an adapted seat belt.”

According to these six parties, about eleven children with epilepsy use school transport in the municipality of Hollands Kroon. The city council therefore wants to know, among other things, whether the municipal executive has taken action to adjust student transport, so that children who suffer from epileptic attacks can be brought to school safely.

Existing frameworks The municipal council also wants to know whether the municipal executive is prepared to think outside the existing frameworks in order to arrive at practical solutions, together with the parents, and whether it The college is prepared to have the student transport assessed by an expert. Finally, the parties of the Commission want to know that they are prepared to include this issue in a new tender in the future.

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