An orange poncho or sunglasses, that is the big question every year for King’s Day. We’ve been following the weather forecast for the holiday for days, and it changes every time. We hope that we can now, together with Weeronline, give a good forecast. But you never know for sure with the weather. So don’t call us if the forecast doesn’t quite come true.

This week starts cold for the time of year with temperatures in The Hague below ten degrees. On Monday and Tuesday there will be a strong wind from the northwest and occasional rain, reports Weatheronline

. Better weather is expected for the following days, but 03 degrees it will not be for the time being.

King’s day and night weather 2023 in The Hague

‘Good news for the partygoers because King’s Day seems to be going dry at slightly higher temperatures’, says Weeronline.

If you celebrate King’s Night in The Hague, it is wise to put on warm clothes and maybe even your gloves, because it gets very cold in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, inland it can freeze and on the coast it will be a few degrees above zero.

Monday and Tuesday morning we will have bad weather with a chance of thunderstorms and hail, but it will really get better. Wednesday it will be drier and we will even see the sun and Thursday seems to be the best day of the week for now. Don’t expect warm spring weather yet, but it will be dry and the sun will shine mainly in the morning.

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