Cheers is a cute, orange, 4-year-old cat who is very attention-grabbing. She has now seen the shelter and is looking for a nice family with whom she can celebrate King’s Day (and all other holidays). She just wants a house without other cats, because other cats are stupid according to Cheers.

Cheers loves petting, she doesn’t know what to do because of the craziness. Just pick it up, no, this lady doesn’t like that.

Medical advice

When Cheers entered the Haags Dierencentrum she did not come alone, she had an army of fleas with her herself and scabs on her back. Her new owner must remain alert to this. Cheers has had bladder grit and is receiving urinary kibble preventively, she also pees a lot so would like a high, closed litter box with grit.

Are you in for a nice chat and do you have enough time to hug her, please respond quickly to

and tell something about yourself, your living situation (garden?), no other cats in the house?, no small children ? Cheers is only placed with children over the age of 8 and don’t forget your phone number!

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