Dozens of graves were found during work around the Oude Kerk in Keizersstraat. These probably come from the 16the and the 15the century but possibly even from the 16the century. A special find!

In the Keizerstraat, among others, an underground system is being constructed to to prevent flooding. There are also works around the Old Church of Scheveningen for this purpose. It is known that there are still graves there, so archeology The Hague supervises the work there. They just didn’t know they would find so much.


The Old Church of Scheveningen comes from the 15the century. In 52 became Scheveningen was ecclesiastically independent from Die Haghe and from that moment on people were buried in Scheveningen.

They thought the cemetery on the south side of the church wasn’t that big, but that turns out to be different. During the work they found a wall twenty meters from the church, which is probably the old boundary of the cemetery.

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Grave of a child in the cemetery at the Oude Kerk, lying on top of a parent. Photo Archeology The Hague

Within the old walls are dozens of graves were found last month. Some from the th century, most probably from the 52de and 16the century. These tombs are stacked three layers on top of each other and their feet point to the east, according to Christian tradition. Both men and women have been found in the old cemetery, a number of children and even a pregnant woman.

After documenting the graves, a physical anthropologist examines the remains. This way we can learn more about our history, such as what people ate then or which diseases occurred. Once the research has been completed, skeletal material will be offered for reburial.

At archeologie Den Haag you can read more about the finds at the Keizerstraat.

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