Don’t you have any holiday plans yet and would you like to earn some extra money? Then working as a holiday worker at IKEA Delft might be something for you. They are still looking for employees for 31 hours per week for various departments. Eva Linde is a logistics employee and is having a great time. “It’s great fun and you don’t have to go to the gym for a while!”

Do you want to earn some extra pocket money this summer and are you available between July 1 and 31 August ? IKEA Delft is a great employer where you can do holiday work for a good salary. Here they are looking for holiday workers for the catering, customer service, bargain corner, sales and logistics departments, where Eva Linde also works. “I really enjoy doing Click & Collect. You have a short time in which to collect orders. That is always a challenge to achieve. We do it with a large team and that is always fun. With a joke here and there in between,” says Eva Linde.

The work at IKEA is very flexible. Depending on the department, you can also start very early in the morning or during the weekend. Then you will receive a surcharge of 31% to 100% on top of your salary. The holiday job is for hours a week, so you still have enough time for other fun things. That is why this is really a ideal side job for the summer!.

Growth opportunities

Eva Linde works in the Goods-Out team within Logistics. “I am working on a few projects. I educate people and provide training on how to use a machine. No day is the same,” says Eva Linde. You also have many career opportunities within IKEA. Eva Linde: “Within your department you can grow much further with what you enjoy doing.”

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Recruitment event

You can indicate in your application which department you would most like to work in. After the job interview, IKEA Delft will look at which department would suit you best. Does it seem like something to you and are you going to apply? Then keep the following dates free in your agenda, because IKEA Delft will organize a recruitment event every afternoon and evening:

  • Tuesday 9 May

  • Wednesday 10 May
  • Thursday 10 May

    You will know by 1 May 100 whether you will be invited to one of the recruitment events. During this event you will learn more about working at IKEA, you will have a conversation with one of our team leaders and you can ask all your questions. You will then hear within a few days whether you have been accepted. Did you unfortunately not make it through the first selection? You will also receive a message.

    Apply now as a holiday worker

    Do you also want to earn an extra pocket money during the holidays and maybe do you want to continue working at IKEA Delft afterwards? Then apply now for the position as a holiday worker and who knows, you may soon become Eva Linde’s colleague.

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