22 April 2023, by Victoria Séveno

The Dutch radio programme Vroege Vogels (“Early Birds”) has launched a poll that allows the people of the Netherlands to vote for and ultimately elect a national flower for the country. 

The tulip isn’t the national flower of the Netherlands

The Netherlands might be known for its stunning tulips and flourishing flower fields, but did you know that – unlike many countries around the world – the Netherlands doesn’t have an official national flower? One radio show is looking to change that, however, and has launched what it’s dubbed the National Flower Election. 

“Almost every European country has a national flower,” Vroege Vogels, a radio show that focuses on all things nature and the environment, writes on its website. “Except the Netherlands!” Perhaps surprisingly, however, the vote isn’t likely to elect the tulip as the national flower of the Netherlands. Instead, the campaign aims to highlight the beautiful wildflowers growing across the country. 

Hunt for Dutch national wildflower begins

In an effort to simplify the selection process, Vroege Voegels has put together a longlist featuring 40 different flowers – everything from the dandelion and the daisy to heather – with the help of a number of botanists, ecologists, horticulturalists and other experts, but members of the public can still submit their own suggestions. 

The initial round of voting is open until May 12, with the show set to reveal the shortlisted nominees on May 14 before opening the final round of voting. The ultimate winner – and the national flower of the Netherlands – will then be announced during the live broadcast on Sunday, June 4. 

Have your say and cast your vote via the Vroege Vogels’ website.

Thumb: Olha Rohulya via Shutterstock.com.

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